Superior Safety & Insights

Romware makes industrial sites safe, secure and cost-efficient through plug-and-play wearables, anchors and breakthrough IoT technology.

Worker Safety

In control of people’s safety

Resource Optimisation

Monitor operations, increase performance

Save lives.
Cut costs.

The Romware suite offers end-to-end hardware and software solutions that increase both safety and operational efficiency within highly demanding industrial environments.

Romware Worker Safety offers best-in-class solutions for proximity detection, automated incident response and evacuation management. The Romware ONE is a breakthrough all-in-one wearable device for worker safety and site security.

Romware Resource Optimization enables quick deployment of efficiency tools like asset and worker positioning, geofencing, and predictive maintenance.

Covid Solution Package – Prevent, Control & Trace

Safely return to the workplace by enforcing preventive measures with a proven plug-and-play wearable solution:

Romware ONE™

Premium wearable with real-time data uplink for worker safety and security

Romware Radius™

Entry-level wearable for physical distancing and local data extraction

Social Distancing

How to ensure a safe distance at work?

People quickly forget to respect the social distance guidelines when they are concentrating on their work.

Rombit’s bracelets provide gentle notifications to employees when they come too close to each other: a visual warning and a vibration.

Contact Tracing

Halt the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace

Rombit enables you to identify high-risk contacts. When an employee is infected, the company physician can consult the wearable register to retrieve the identities of the colleagues that have been too close to the employee during the previous two weeks. Rombit’s solution is fully GDPR -compliant and officially approved by the Data Protection Authority.


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