Important News for TRAX Users

Dear Trax customer,As you may have heard, WTS Positioning Solutions AB (a.k.a. TRAX) had to declare insolvency last month.Unfortunately, that means you won’t be able to use your TRAX device(s) any longer.But there’s good news if you’re a current or former TRAX customer who wants to continue tracking.Tractive has offered to provide you their best-selling trackers for FREE as a replacement. Plus, 2 extra months of subscription on top of the plan you choose.Does this mean Tractive is taking over TRAX?No. Tractive is just helping TRAX users by giving them an option to continue tracking as a Tractive user.How do I get my free replacement device from Tractive?Go to and enter your unique TRAX device serial number (the one on the back of your device) when prompted.How long do I have to decide?The offer is valid until August 31, 2021 – so you have a bit of time to think it over!Does Tractive just work with pets?Tractive GPS trackers are optimized for cats and dogs, you can use them just like you used your TRAX tracker for other purposes too.Best regards,Traxfamily