TrackIT – A Trusted Partner for ‘Visibility’ in Aviation


In addition to outdoor tracking via GPS, Trax is now able to offer indoor tracking at airports through its partnership with TrackIT.

TrackIT are leaders in converged tracking, management and real-time monitoring solutions for the Aviation industry and their solutions are adopted by Airlines, Airports, Ground Handlers and MROs, to transform information into Smart Business Intelligence.

TrackIT’s mission is to make business simpler, faster and smoother for the Aviation industry through enhanced visibility. The EnTrack Aviation Suite is unique in the market and covers multiple use cases including bags, wheelchairs and trolleys, ground support equipment, carts and unaccompanied minors. 

Trax G+ devices support GPS, CellID and Bluetooth, all of which are combined to provide a tracking solution which can provide both normal and fine granularity, down to just a few metres. The EnTrack solution, powered by Trax, enhances the customer experience and enables airports to enhance operational efficiency through the real-time monitoring and management of its assets. Find out more here