IDRONECT | The Drone Management Platform


Through its partnership with Trax, IDRONECT’s Drone Management Platform enables drone pilots to follow their UAV’s in real-time and ensure they don’t wander off into forbidden zones. Live tracking means that every movement of the drone is shown on IDRONECT’s flight map. And the geofences used ensure a safe flight path.

By combining WTS’s extensive GPS and software experience with IDRONECT’s expertise, IDRONECT’s Tracking and Geofencing allow drone pilots at all levels to fly safely, and legally.

Live tracking and geofencing are used by recreational and professional pilots alike. Use-cases include drone schools, events such as concerts and security services, and towns and cities needing to control drone flights in sensitive areas.

IDRONECT follows in the footsteps of Precision Hawk. Both of them chose Trax due to its ability to provide update rates as fast as every second along with its unique form factor. Trax is the lightest real-time GPS tracker on the market, weighing just 26g. Combined with its small and aerodynamic design, any impact on drone battery life is minimised.

Drone trackers must also be durable. Trax G+ units are both shockproof and waterproof (IP68) as well as easy to charge, thanks to wireless charging. Security is of paramount importance. Therefore all data is stored securely in Europe or can be sent directly to partners own servers.

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