ATTSAR | Lone Workers Safety Solution: Advanced Tactical Training Search and Rescue

Advanced Tactical Training Search and Rescue (ATTSAR) is a dedicated, qualified group of people devoted to bringing family members home. ATTSAR have been serving the community and surrounding areas of South West Ontario, Canada since 2014 and their growing support has expanded over the years to become international.

Using Trax devices, ATTSAR can make sure searchers are safe and know what areas are covered using real-time information. The team also use the online management portal following the search to review tracker history and ensure that all areas are covered – a vital requirement in any search and rescue operation.

ATTSAR consists of canine, equine, marine and UAV (Drone) teams along with ground search units, utilising sophisticated equipment to assist their searches. The drones are also fitted with Trax GPS units as their lightweight and aerodynamic form factor minimises the impact on fly time and provides a high degree of accuracy, with updates as fast as every 10-seconds.

Given that ATTSAR does not always search in safe areas, reliability and durability are key to keeping their crews safe and the units shockproof and waterproof (IP68) design ensures the Trax devices continue to perform, whatever the conditions.

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