SWISSCOM | Leading Telco Launches Trax 4G LTE-M

Swisscom is Switzerland’s number one telecoms company and one of its leading IT companies. Operating in both Switzerland and Italy, Swisscom is confederation-owned and one of Switzerland’s most sustainable and innovative companies.

The global GPS market continues to grow and is expected to reach approximately $2.72 billion by 2023. With GPS solutions becoming increasingly popular for tracking people, pets and assets, Swisscom and other innovative Telco’s have identified both the commercial potential and opportunity to provide peace of mind to their customers.  

Launched in February 2019, Swisscom chose WTS as a partner to support their IoT goals and branded strategy and be the first to market with a 4G LTE-M GPS tracker.

By adding their own SIM, Swisscom are able to own the connection and include Trax in their flexible and competitive multi-device offering to customers. Onboarding, customisation and support were all handled by WTS’ experienced team of developers and a range of Trax accessories support multiple use cases, including child-safety and lost dogs. 

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