TRAX POC Edition | The Smart GPS Tracker for Kids on Slopes

Trax POC Edition is an innovative solution developed in collaboration with POC Sports. It is designed to keep kids safe of the slopes. In 2019 the POCito VPD Air Vest + TRAX POC edition resulted in an ISPO ‘Gold winner’ award.

POC is a leading sports manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, body armour and apparel. Founded in 2005 in Sweden, POC’s mission is to ‘protect lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for athletes and anyone inspired to be one’. Thus, they won more than 60 international safety, design, and innovation awards.

The POCito VPD air vest + TRAX POC edition is a back protection vest for children. And it comes with a special pocket to store a TRAX POC Edition device.

The device, latest Trax G+ generation, will let parents easily keep track of their child’s location on the mountain. Also, parents get notified of potential danger situations and quickly locate their kids whenever necessary.

Our objective is to provide parents and children with enhanced safety in the mountains. Parents will be more confident to ski or snowboard with their kids. Similarly, kids are more free to have fun, while alerts will warn parents of any potential risks.

The POC Edition smartphone App, developed exclusively with TRAX, includes unique features. Among them: inactivity report, ski maps, SOS feature, topographic maps, activity data. In addition, parents will be able to create geofences, receive real-time alerts/updates and find a child through augmented reality.

Trax POC Edition is a connected device, compatible with most cellular networks globally. With Trax DataPlans, you can use Trax POC Edition internationally. It covers more than 100+ countries and you get the best possible coverage and free roaming.

The new “POCito VPD air vest + TRAX POC edition” will be commercially available for the ski season 2019/2020 at