The Smart GPS Tracker with 4G LTE-M Capabilities is Here. Trax Unveils Next Generation G+ Model!

Stockholm, Sweden – November 2018WTS Positioning Solutions, leading innovators in GPS tracking services from Scandinavia, have released their next generation smart GPS models: Trax G+. Top of the range is Trax G+ 4G, the first 4G LTE-M personal GPS tracker commercially available on the market.

The new model supports 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT standards, and the antenna is optimised for both the European and US markets. Trax G+ will be available to consumers through specific mobile operators in Europe starting February 2019.

Currently, the new trackers can be pre-ordered online, via Limited Pre-orders started shipping in December and will continue until March 2019, when the company plans a full product release, at international level.

Trax G+ is one of the smallest and smartest GPS trackers for personal use. It has real-time tracking capability and update rates of up to every 10 seconds. For customised industrial applications, the new Trax G+ can support even 2hz or 2 updates per second.

The entire range boasts wireless charging, IP68 water resistance, and strong casing for excellent durability. Combined with new accessories, specifically designed for use with the G+ range, the area of use is now wider than ever!

As 4G for IoT connectivity is still in early stages of development for most countries, Trax have also released two new and improved models built using 3G and 2G standards, to complete the new Trax G+ range and offer a worldwide service.

Trax G+ 3G offers the widest network coverage in all of Trax’ supported countries, falling back onto the 2G network when the 3G network is not available. Trax G+ 3G works almost everywhere in the world and is recommended for remote coverage locations and international usage.

Trax G+ 2G is a power efficient version, offering extended battery life and great coverage in all 2G supported countries, at a reasonable price.

“We are proud to be at the forefront of the new technology developments taking place,” commented Michel Bracké, CEO. “Trax has been a real-time GPS tracking pioneer from the start and now with our new 4G IoT model we are again at the forefront, supporting the absolute latest technologies. While the new 4G NB-IoT and LTE-M networks are being deployed in selected countries, we are the first to be able to support the technology with cutting edge, real-time GPS trackers offering the convenience of wireless charging.”

The free intuitive app at the center of Trax experience is available in the App Store, Google Play, or directly on the web ( and has a unique set of features including unlimited Geofences, Augmented Reality Tracking, Proximity Alerts, Location History, Multiple Device Tracking and Device Sharing.

Trax Smart GPS relies on a strong and flexible platform, to allow custom implementation for complex, specific business needs. Interfaces, dataplans, maps and server solutions make it possible to deliver projects at scale for B2B integrations. WTS Positioning Solutions are specialists within the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) industry, supplying personal GPS trackers, plus customised hardware, software, server and data solutions to corporations looking for high precision real-time location and tracking information.