LATAS | Safety Services for Drones & UAV

Founded in 2010 and based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Precision Hawk is a market leading company in the supply of drones, software and sensors for multiple industries, including agriculture, energy, insurance and construction.

Precision Hawks technology enables the collection of precise data, using aerial intelligence to help
business, research and governmental leaders alike.

LATAS was developed by the company to provide safety services to enable drone operators to fly
more safely. Precision Hawk needed a product that would integrate with LATAS and send position
packages at very high (one-second) intervals to their servers. The GPS device also needed to be
smart and accurate, yet small in size, to minimise the impact on aerodynamics and drone battery

After research and extensive testing, Precision Hawk selected WTS as their preferred hardware partner. WTS was able to deliver customised tracking software and hardware, connecting the GPS trackers directly to their servers, using a secure connection.

With customers including USAA and Exxon Mobil amongst many others, Precision Hawk has become
a driving force in this sector. You can find out more about LATAS here: